Who are we? The CBN team revealed: The Champions and the friends


Sometimes, in all the pictures of children at workshops, the facilitators, friends and helpers who make it all possible are left out. So here is a thank you to them.

Firstly Richard Parsons, who continues to help and support us and who is always interested to hear what the children are up to.

Two sponsors – one anonymous in Europe and Mr Dudley Smith in UK made the workshops possible in the first place.

Hugh Clarke and Mary Cadogan came all the way from Dublin, Ireland, to help with both the winter workshops and to add infinite value in many other ways. Hugh slaved over computers and iPads and got really hands-on with the children in Red Hill. Mary crawled around the back of the shadow puppet screen like a veteran stage manager.

Rosemary Bangham (our Admin Manager among other duties) and her lifelong friend Emily Hallinan designed and organised the puppet plays and the clapping games and musical activities. John Woodland made a mad dash to Clanwilliam to work with the children there, and then also attended the Red Hill workshop as a musical consultant.

Anele Mhlahlo and Croc E Moses helped the children gain in confidence and write their own songs – a truly magnificent result. Robert Jeffry brought his cello and inspired the Red Hill children with Bach and jazz accompaniment for rock-gongs.

Phumla Gqoboka taught the children new programmes in Clanwilliam and helped them with their iPad projects. All the library staff from Clanwilliam, and Senior Librarian Natalie Leens from Citrusdal attended. Buyisawa Ponti acted as community liaison for the Red Hill workshop. Di Mohr took many lovely pictures at the Clanwilliam workshop.

Lesley Beake dragged everybody into all this in the first place and facilitated the books and stories sections of each workshop (and enjoyed herself).

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