Red Hill Support team: Winter workshops


CBN has a strong team of regular facilitators – Lesley and croc E, Anele and Rosemary are almost always there, but we co-opt (sometimes to their considerable surprise) caring and interested people from the communities we work with and from other disciplines.

At the workshop we hosted for children from Red Hill in Simon’s Town library, we would especially like to thank the following people:

Buyiswa Ponti is a remarkable woman who has just been acknowledged by a major award for her leadership qualities. She studies, works at a full-time job, cares for her own family and then finds time to work with literacy and stories with children in Red Hill. For more information about her, go to:

Buyiswa took time off from her job to join us on both days of the winter workshop and participated most enthusiastically. We warmly welcome her to the Red Hill team and look forward to working with her in the community.

Robert Jeffry brought his cello and fascinated the children when he played it. Watching children listening to Bach for what was probably the first time, with rapt expressions, was a real priveledge. Robert will be part of the rock gong project in the future and we hope to see him at other workshops.

John Woodland, choir conductor and musician, attended both the Clanwilliam and Red Hill workshops and participated fully in both of them. We are working towards adding musical chords and singing to the rock gong music, humming, clapping that we have been experimenting with this winter.

Erica Jehoma stepped in with a smile to cater for the children, providing them with hot chocolate and muffins for breakfast and toasted sandwiches and juice for lunch. Her husband, Denzil Jehoma, was – as always – a most reliable provider of transport. Their teenage son, Timmy, acted as an informal assistant with the iPads!

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