Saturday Stories – Painting the snow goose


We continued the theme of last week’s workshops this morning by, first of all, looking at the patterns of stories in the same way that we had listened for patterns in music. This time we made the patter as a group exercise on the flip-chart while listening to a story about a boy who can run. The children were able to identify the ups and downs of the story, the level of excitement and the pitch of drama – up or down.

Then we got the paints out, reviewed the story of the Snow Goose (Paul Gallico) that we enjoyed last week, and made three large paintings of the snow goose sitting, flying with her wings down and with her wings up. Three really lovely art works were the result. Next Saturday Story (by which time the paintings will have dried) there will be a certain amount of embellishing with the precious (and much desired) gold and silver paint and the addition of signatures.

The paintings will hang next to the world map with an outline of just how far the snow geese fly – we measured on the map with our hands and it was as far as Africa stretches from north to south.

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