The Snow Goose – what I felt


The Snow Goose – what I felt

Children in Clanwilliam listened to music – both live, played by Anele Mhlahlo on his violin and recorded on an iPad. The story we used as a starting point was Paul Gallico’s book: The Snow Bird. Here are some sentences participants wrote.

By Deoni

I listened to the story and then the music and I learned from it that you always find your way. It was about a bird that was flying for thousands and thousands of miles.

People don’t know how special stories are. Stories are the most interesting thing in my life. My grandfather is busy with a book about Wuppertal and I am also busy with one. Stories are special. They can help you with many, many things.

By Rosel

Once there was a man everyone was cared of. But actually he was a very nice and careful man. Sometimes he would take pictures of birds and wild animals and draw them.

One stormy afternoon, a little girl came to the place where he lived.

By Cynthia

Een dag, lank gelede was daar ‘n vöeltjie met ‘n lang nek Die vöeltjie was a meisie. Sy was baie haartseer want sy het nie ‘n matjie oor nie. Eendag vlieg sy baie ver in ‘n woestuin. Sy dink en dink, maar sy kan nie die woorde uit haar mond kry nie.

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