Stories about Family


The children shared their stories about their family. They listened to family stories, drew pictures of their families, and wrote down some thoughts.

Comronita Titus

The best day my family ever had was when we were on christmas day, we all went to the dam, me and my sister helped our mother with the food. We played music and went for a swim that was much fun because i like playing with my mother and my siblings we were all laughing and playing,the water was pumping and I was so happy. We also had nice food and presents, I had a nice present from my mother and sister. I thank them for their kindness. That was the best day my family had.


When I was little i had a special person who looked after me and loved me – she was my grandmother. She was very nice and loved to play with me in the garden and at the playground. She had a cat named Spin, she named the cat after my grandfather. My grandmother were always on my side and I will always love her, she named me Dina and Blompot and I sometimes didn’t like the names. I always go to her house after school. I really love my grandmother and I will always do.

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