Our Funders


A list of the many individuals and organizations who have helped us during the first, precarious two years of CBN. Without their help we would be nowhere.

 The Swedish Arts Council

Swedish supporters of CBN applied for, and received, funding from The Swedish Arts Council and SIDA. This funding was used for joint workshops both in South Africa when four librarians and a storyteller came to share their expertise and in Sweden when Sindiwe Magona and Lesley Beake went to Sweden for an intensive programme of training and sharing.

The Swedish Arts Council and Sida have four times launched a call for applications for cooperation between cultural operators in Sweden and partners in Botswana, China, India, Indonesia, Namibia and South Africa.

The overall objective is to strengthen cooperation within the field of culture between Sweden and Botswana, China, Indonesia, Namibia and South Africa, with the aim to contribute to poverty reduction and equitable and sustainable global development.  Each project which receives support shall contribute to creating sustainable relations between Sweden and the cooperation country. Shared ownership along with mutual interest and division of responsibility are of central importance in enabling the relationship to become self-supporting in the long term.

Contact person
Gunilla Brinck
Bibliotekskonsulent/Library adviser
Länsbiblioteket i Västerbotten/County Library of Västerbotten
E-post/e-mail: gunilla.brinck@regionvasterbotten.se

The Parsons Family

Richard Parsons, on behalf of his extended family, has made numerous donations in times of need – or at times when children needed something, such as the memorable tribute to Nelson Mandela, which included bringing 70 children by bus from Red Hill, as well as performers from Cape Town. Without his contant generous support, CBN would not be functioning. His work as trustee extended far beyond the basic duties to a whole-hearted generosity of spirit. We are deeply grateful to him and will miss him sadly after his untimely death in September 2014.

The Cecil Jowell Charitable Trust

Kindly donated funding to help with the start-up costs of the website. Without their help, we would not be online today. A sincere thank you to their board for their support and belief in the project.

Rotary Skellefteå

We have been in contact with this Rotary Club for some time – and Sindiwe and Lesley visited them during their trip to Sweden. They have raised funding for two projects:

•    To bring technology to the workshops in the form of tablets and e-readers that can be preloaded with texts and workshop materials around the theme of the workshop.

A recent visit from one of the Slelleftea Rotarians, Philip Cohen (March 2014) strengthened ties between that Rotary Club ad CBN with the announcement that the club pledges R150 000 to CBN over the next three years.

Hugh Clarke and his wife Mary Cadogan

Provided funding that, among other things, enabled the website to go forward by donating funds to pay for technical editing and content creation.

The Smith Family

Donated funds and their time to the library refurbishment at Red Hill community centre and have been supportive of the workshops there. 

Rotary Cape of Good Hope

Have given invaluable help by offering to handle all donations and finances for us until we have our own Not for Profit Organization (NPO) status. This has given us a secure and credible means of handling funding.

Government of the Western Cape

Funding has been made available through Unversity of Cape Town to enable close cooperation between the work that we do and staff and students with specialized knowledge they can bring to our workshops and share with our participants. This funding was administered through the University of Cape Town.

Help the World to Read

An entrepeneurial school project by four tenagers from Skellefteå, this project promises to raise money specifically for iPads for CBN to use in workshops in both Red Hill and the Cederberg. They have already raised funding for one iPad and are hard at work on some more.

Anonymous European Donor

We have a pedge from a donor in Europe who wishes to remain anonymous for R30 000 towards the music and books workshop in Clanwilliam in July 2014.

Book Donations

Cambridge University Press is a book partner of CBN and has donated books on several occasions. We look forward to working with them more closely in the future.

Rotary Cape of Good Hope and the DG Murray Trust have donated copies of the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary

Donations in kind

We would also like to express gratitude for donations in kind, discounts offered and endless willingness on the part of the public to help.

Future funders

Small amounts mean just as much as large ones. Here is an idea of what we can do.

R100        Buys a book to leave in a community library
R1000      Buys ten books
R5000      Buys a book toolbox

Anyone who is interested in helping CBN to go forward should contact the Director, Lesley Beake, on:

Bank account details:

Account Name: The Children’s Book Network Trust

First National Bank: Tokai Branch

Branch number: 200409

Account Number: 625 70 830 458 (Cheque account)

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