RedHill and Swedish children work together

Some of the children attending the Swedish / Red Hill workshop tell us how the workshop went and how they enjoyed being part of the workshop.

Today I have learned to read a book in a iPad, I saw how easy it is and to understand because it is easy and much faster.
It was great to meet the Sweden group today, they are great people and meeting them was a blessing. We went to the restaurant which was great, and went to RedHill which is my home town we showed them around which made me very home.
I greatly enjoyed my day from the library where we learned about the iPads it was so very interesting. We also got to know each other better, I had fun when we went to Berthas for lunch we ate nice food and sat down together with the swedish group and spoke about different backgrounds and the different lives that we live as individuals, i learned a lot from them this first day of the workshop went very well.

I also enjoyed going into the community where we lived(RedHill) and we showed them around the houses and they met with people and saw how we lived, it was very interesting to show them around we told them about our different cultures

I have really learned to value the swedish education system and our living standard. While in RedHill, i found it so fun to get to spend time with local children and for real get to see how they live not just hear about it. At our lunch together it was really fun and learning to compare different things from societies.

What i have liked about today? I have enjoyed everything it was nice i have enjoyed spending student who come from Sweden, telling us about their country and our conversation about different things of our countries.
We were also taught about the iPad how easy to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages. It was so nice and I enjoyed everything about the workshop.

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