Cederberg Children on Home and Me


My name is Jonica. I live in Clanwilliam but I am from Sterkspruit in Eastern Cape. I am really shy, but when somebody laughs or gossips about me, I don’t care.

I want my people to be proud of where they come from. I am proud of my world, my people, my culture, and myself so that is what Jonica Pienaar is for.

I really like it at home and I feel so welcome there. I don’t want to lose my home.
I like Blackie, my dog. He is black with white feet.
I like my little brother. He only has two teeth and he is really funny!
I also like to be with my mother. Her food is just like food in a restaurant.

I just like to laugh!


When I was born, there were green mealies growing and beautiful sunflowers in the garden. An old auntie was waiting for me. She was my grandmother! An old man was waiting for me. He was my grandfather! My whole family was waiting for me!


I love to dance! My dream is to meet Justin Bieber in real life and to go and live in New York. I love playing netball.

Many people say I look just like my Ma – but other people say I look like my Pa. I say I look like both of them!


My favourite colour is purple, I love peaches and I hate spinach, even if it is healthy. I want to be a singer one day, or a teachers. I would really like to teach children.


My name is Amber and I don’t like dangerous things. I like our town because I feel safe.

There is so much information in the world! I like learning about nature. I want to know as much about nature as I know about myself.

Our school is nice because it is close to Clanwilliam Dam. Sometimes we go there and have parties and swim and dance. I like our school!


I have a white cat with pale blue eyes. We give him cat food every morning and evening, but he still kills doves and mice.

I love rugby and cricket and riel dancing. I also love maths and art and culture.

When my mother goes to work my grandmother looks after me.
I was very beautiful and I was like milk and food.
When my mother comes home she kisses me.
She washes me, and then I go to bed and go to sleep.
When I was hungry my mother would give me food and milk.
When it was morning my mother would go to work and I would go to stay with my grandmother. I was very happy with Elizabeth, my grandmother.

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