Cederberg Children on Friends


Themba wrote: I just love playing soccer with my friends. I also love playing rugby and I love my dog.

I have a small white cat called Kitty-cat. I love playing with her. I also like to go and play in the veld with my friends. I love to go walking in the veld and looking at the flowers. I love making jokes and laughing. I like to help my friends and to encourage them when they need it. When my friends smile – that makes me very happy.


My best friend is called Aneline. We play together and we share with each other. I really love custard and jelly.

I would like to eat fruit salad with my friends in a tree house and jump with them in a jumping castle afterwards!


I am never shy. If people speak to me … I speak back! Our school has a motto: Reach for the stars. I like that.


I love to talk! I like to talk with my friends and my dogs and my cats. I am very friendly.

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