Stories on Saturdays


After the recent two-day workshop in Clanwilliam, so many children asked for more, that CBN has initiated a Stories on Saturdays project.

Our partner in this reading initiative, Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project (CLLP) is situated in an old school complex and offers plenty of space for different activities. CBN has been allocated a classroom of its own (and colonized it rapidly) with the option to use a further classroom and the old school hall, now a museum devoted to Time. The fascinating backdrop in some of the workshop pictures is the landscape photograph that covers all the walls of the Time Machine.

Nine children arrived over an hour early and read quietly until ten. It was obviously the end of term (exams start today) and they were clearly tired. But they enjoyed discussing and reading about Family and did some spirited drawings.

They came back (twice) in the following hour to see if they could a) have some more reading and b) persuade us to take them swimming!

This will be an occasional project handled through Clanwilliam Library, which passes the word out bout CBN activities in the area.

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