How we feel


Grade Four children (9 years old) at Elizabethfontein Primary School wrote about emotions seen on faces. 

Yellow Happy faces:

‘I draw my friend, and that makes me happy.’

‘Happy is when you get gold.’

‘Happy is when the flowers come and the trees get new leaves.’

‘This face is happy because the girl in that story was happy at the end of the book and had friends.’

‘I draw my friend and that makes me happy.’

‘My mom and dad make me very happy and the flowers and all the people in the world.’

‘I am happy. And the sheep make me happy. The spring makes me happy because there are many butterflies and colourful pictures. The world is beautiful.

My mother and my father make me happy and grandmother and grandfather and my aunt and my stepmother make me happy. I love my family and my stepmother’s family.’

‘I am happy in spring because my birthday is in spring and that is a very beautiful month.

 Red Angry faces

‘I was angry because the big boy was bullying the small boys.’

‘Red is angry and dangerous!’

‘That man should never have done that! The lion could have eaten the children!’ 

 Sad face

‘My friend is sad because he fell and hurt himself.

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