Khayelitsha to Sweden!


Not often does one drop in on a weekday afternoon at a Cape Town township high school and find a group of teenagers practicing how to address the Queen of Sweden.

But this is South Africa and these are young people who can make anything happen, given the opportunity. On Friday, seven learners at Chris Hani High School are off to Stockholm to see – among many others – the Queen.

‘The others’ include children from all over the world who will be there to represent the Rights of Children. It is a critically important that these young people are given a voice to speak out on behalf of the millions of children abused, enslaved and badly treated in many ways in many different lands and cultures. Their voices are the voices of the future.

This is not a book initiative, but CBN supports World Children’s Prize and what it achieves in bringing these issues to the forefront.  We hope to work closely with them in the future – perhaps in bringing some of their stories to the children we work with in other places.

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CBN was kindly invited to yesterday’s dress rehearsal by Marlene Winberg, friend of CBN and South African representative for World Children’s Prize.

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