Dictionary Donation: Sederberg Primary in Clanwilliam


Yesterday CBN handed over two copies of the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary and donated some English storybooks for the library at Sederberg Primary School in Clanwilliam. The Principal, Mr Barends, noted that they have a real need for books in English for their library, which is currently being revitalized. ‘The department tells us we should have ten books in our library per child in our school,’ he said, ‘ but we are far short of that.’ CBN promised to try to put them in touch with organizations that handle book donation – and keep them in mind if some come our way.

Our friends and colleagues in Rotary Cape of Good Hope have kindly donated forty copies of The Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary. This excellent and highly accessible dictionary is particularly useful to children who speak English as a second, third – or even fourth language.

The Dictionary 4Life – www.dictionary4life .com – is a free-standing project in association with the Rotary Club of Battersea, Brixton and Clapham and Usborne Publishing company and in cooperation with Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland

The first CBN Rotary Cape of Good Hope dictionary donation coincided with the launch of Cederberg Stories in Citrusdal. Pictured is librarian at TP Meyer library, Muriel Lategan, accepting the books.

For more information on the dictionary project go to www.dictionaryforlife.co
For more on Usborne Publishers go to www.usborne.com

Images show the school grounds of Sederberg Primary and Senior Librarian in Clanwilliam, Natalie Leens,  handing over the dictionaries and books to Principal Mr Barends.

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