Cederberg Stories: The Children!


Thirty children from Grades 4,5 and 6 ( from 10-12 years old) started their own book revolution for National Literacy Day today. Stories were shared, books were introduced and presents handed out. CBN gave a donation of books to the library and every child went home with a story DVD or a book – or, in some cases, both as a reading gift from the library.

We talked specifically about how stories can be simple, about our own lives. They don’t need to feature space invasion, or any other kind of invasion for that matter. They can be about the thing we know best. Me.

There were some thoughtful looks as we talked about the importance of our own lives and landscapes in story.  There was real interest in the upcoming Cederberg Stories workshop on Heritage Day (23rd and 24th September). We have begun!

The event was organised by Clanwilliam Leipoldt-Nortier Library librarians Lizel van Reenen, Emily Jacobs and assistant librarian Asanda Lobese and children from Sederberg Primary attended.

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