Red Hill Winter


July has been a wet woolly time for the Red Hill Informal Settlement which faces straight into the icy North winds.

At this time of year the sun reaches the camp at 10am but longer evenings give time for collecting wood for warmth and cooking. Building work on the Library has slowed with permissions and procrastinations. However, there are some lovely highlights.

The noticeboards, which come with the Rotary Grant for upgrading the Library, are now all in place. They are situated at the Library (D Camp), Red Hill Pre-School and Red Hill Kitchen (both C-Camp) and at Children of Hope (A Camp). These noticeboards will greatly facilitate communication of events and important community information in the settlement and will be great for CBN to promote workshops and outcomes.

Marissa Fugate, a Rotary Student currently taking Africa Studies at UCT while completing her Doctorate in Literature in Missouri USA, is spending time in the Library with the children. With boxes of toys for storytelling, puzzles linked to books and time out for individual reading, more feet find their way to the Library with every visit. Marissa is also doing great work with sorting books and giving our Library some sense of order. The building work will commence again mid-August!

Main picture: Liliwe with our new noticeboard from Rotary at the Red Hill Library

Gallery pictures: Heavy rains – this puddle a permanent feature of our winter road to the Library Ntombi at Children of Hope Pre-School Monwabisi waterproofing windows at Red Hill Library Roy 1st Birthday. Roy was a very sick baby during the October workshop but is making a good recovery Marissa working with children

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