Eland’s Bay – Engelbrecht Primêre


Engelbrecht Primêre is a school with an air of excitement, an air of going somewhere. Last week, on Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday, the ribbon was cut on a brand new study library donated by Spoornet whose impressive railway link carries iron ore past the town on its way to the terminal at Saldanha Bay further down the coast.

The Principal, Mrs Grobbelaar can’t wait for the books to arrive, the shelves to be stocked and the children to settle down to some serious work. ‘I’m waiting for your email!’ she reminded us as we left after a visit to see the marvel of a shining new, custom built library just waiting to be stocked. ‘I’m waiting for your email when CBN is ready to come!’

Soon, Mrs Grobbelaar, soon!

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