Cederberg Stories – Eland’s Bay


CBN and Senior Librarian Natalie Lens visited another local library on Monday 22nd July, this time in Eland’s Bay.

This is not a big library – and the municipality shares the space with their friendly cashier in a security area in one corner. But the books are there and the enthusiasm. Librarians Victoria Swartz and Constance Mthembu are ready for action when Cederberg Stories begins in earnest next month.

Pictured here are Victoria Constance (in green) and Constance Mthembu (in orange) with Natalie Leens. Note the clever look of sand pictures in bottles acting as bookends. The view is from the road down to Eland’s Bay on the West Cape Coast. This is the home of important archaeological sites as well as being a fishing and holiday village.


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