Review of Finding Dad, a Rainbow Reader


Review by Nolwazi Khumalo of Finding Dad, a Rainbow Reader
Author: Lesley Beake. Illustrator: Sally Maclarty
Main characters: Grandmother, Mom, Dad and the boy.
Setting: At home, at the airport and at Dad’s house.

The boy grew up without his father, living with his mother. One day someone phoned his mother and told her that his dad had died. The boy visited his grandmother and she showed him his father’s room (from when he was a boy). The boy looked at the things that were in his father’s room. Later they looked at the photograph album and he saw that his dad’s eyes were the same as his own. When he went home he was happy to have seen more about his dad.

I liked this book because it teaches us not to give up. When we feel sad, we will be happy again.

Finding Dad is part of the Cambridge University Press reading series, Rainbow readers, published in 2009. It was one of many books donated by Cambridge University Press to Goxill School, KZN in 2012 as part of the Grade Six reading programme.

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