Review of: The Match, Rainbow Readers


Review of The Match

Reviewed by one of the Grade Sixes at Cox Hill Primary in Underberg, KZN – who forgot to put a name on the paper!

The main characters are Gogo, Dudu, Zweli, Lonke and their neighbours and the setting is in their home. The story is about the match that would be played the next day. Gogo and Dudu go to the TV shop to buy a TV. The next day came and Dudu invited the neighbours. I like this book because it has colourful pictures and gives us information and has a nice cover.

This was one of many books donated by Cambridge University Press to Cox Hill School in 2012 as part of the Grade Six reading programme..A Neighbours story – part of a series written by a team of editors – with illustrations by Ian Lusted, published by Cambridge University Press in their Rainbow Readers series.

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