Annual Report for 2012 – The short version


Annual Report for 2012 – The short version

There is no way to sum up everything we did in a short version. But the 2012 report is almost a book – find it under Resources and enjoy the pictures – it is worth the wait to download.

For those who want a fast summary, our activities in 2012 included:

·      The pilot Project at red Hill (Red Hill 1)

·      The joint workshop with Swedish visitors (Red Hill 2)

·      A workshop at Luthando Crèche with Swedish visitors

·      A guest lecture at the Education Faculty of Stellenbosch University

·      Outreach to other reading organizations in Cape Town

·      Planning for a study and sharing visit to Sweden by Sindiwe Magona and Lesley Beake   

Included in the report are the financials fr the workshops and estimates for funding requirements in 2012 to 2014.


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