Books to Sweden – Books out of Africa


Books to Sweden – Books out of Africa

There are many children living in Sweden who come originally from Africa – and many Swedish children who would like to experience stories from Africa.

CBN has initiated a book donation programme, which asks publishers and others to donate their most beautiful and appropriate ‘Books out of Africa’ to be given to libraries in Sweden that have a particular need for and interest in such books.

We are deep in this project now with nominations from publishers, and from Jay Heale, Lesley Beake, Gcina Mhlophe and Sindiwe Magona as well as Jean Williams form Biblionef and Margie Cunnama, school librarian for the Valley Trust in Franschhoek.

Time is very short, but we are trying to get an initial donation together before beginning of March. These will have to be sent to Sweden by courier and we will be looking for a donation for that. Jay Heale has agreed to head up the project and is using his contacts with publishers to speed things up. We see it as being an on-going project with some books being donated now and a follow-up when time permits.

We hope that these books will have real meaning for children from different cultural backgrounds and enable them to share experiences and talk about their own landcapes.

Pictures show some of the books overtaking Jay Heale’s carpet – and some enthusiastic children in South Africa!

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