Short Report on CBN Workshop with Swedish visitors


During the first two weeks of October CBN hosted five Swedish visitors, four librarians and a drama teacher, working with them and learning from them in different venues where children’s books are critically important. We began at Red Hill informal settlement with a two-day workshop for 25 children between 10 and 12 years old and a story festival attended by about 70 children of all ages. We also worked with younger children at Luthando crèche in Kayamundi township outside Stellenbosch. In addition we gave a guest lecture to around 300 trainee teachers at Stellenbosch University and had several very strategic meetings with organizations and individuals involved with children’s books in South Africa.

Special thanks go to:

• Our Swedish colleagues, friends and supporters, particularly
• Rose-Marie Lindfors
• Gunilla Brinck
• Marie Nordenback
• Anna Hallgren
• Synneva Byrkjeland

The workshops were sponsored by:
• SIDA – the Swedish aid agency
• Swedish Arts and Culture

To see a more detailed account of this workshop season go to:

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