Winters Day- by Siyasanga Vazi


When I wake up, I feel fresh air – and wind and rain, and hear the sound of dogs. My mother is doing up the house and the children are trying to wake up and crying to her to help them.

I wash and dress and then dish up the food my mother has made for us. Then I help my little brother get dressed and wash him.

Then I see outside there are cooking fires and the sea and flowers and trees. Chickens are running about all over the hill.

Afterwards I will meet my friends in shops and we will discuss what to do in the holidays.

I like staying in Red Hill because of the voices of the dogs and the birds and the lovely mountains. We don’t have to pay rent and we have clean water and transport to school.

But I don’t like that there are no roads and every person who needs work must go to a person who tells him or her to get a job!

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