Winters Day – by Simphiwe Lombo


I wake up in the morning feeling as if it’s going to be a good day, with a cool breeze from outside. I go and brush my teeth. There are dark grey clouds, black trees and dripping rain. I realize that it is a rainy day instead!

My dog, and the chickens outside are all wet. When I go back inside I see that the roof is leaking. I feel sorry for myself, but tell myself that it is going to be all right because I can still go to
school and get education so that I can reach my goal and become a better person.

When I am at school, I see my Red Hill as a place covered by a big mountain and trees, a place where the ocean is near and
animals are a part of my life because they are all around us and we have been living with them for years.

When it is time to go to school I don’t want to go because it is so cold outside. I can’t walk fast because my feet are freezing and my hands as cold as ice. When the road is muddy and wet and I want
to run to school, I can’t because of the mud. I might splash my
uniform so I keep on walking.

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