Winters Day – by Phumla Bakajana


When I wake up in the morning, I hear the sound of chirping birds. I feel the cold wind from outside through the holes in my house.

I get up and make my bed. I look through the window – the sky is grey. I feel a bit worried about the weather as I get ready for school. I’m shivering and my nose is running. I eat a bowl of porridge. It’s time for me to go.

I walk in the cold, unbearable weather. I try to walk faster – my toes and fingers are freezing. I keep in mind that the faster I walk, the faster I walk, the warmer I can get. I reach the bus stop, still a bit early, and sweaty by then.

We all just can’t wait for the bus to come. It arrives. We all just flock into the overloaded bus. Some are coughing. The bus is not in a good condition – some windows can’t close properly so we are still getting cold. We all panic. In my mind I wish that school was out and I’d be home, sitting around the fire with my family.

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