Who Am I? – by Sive Nongogo


I am a girl who lives in Red-Hill and I am still a young teenager. I live with my mother, brother and sister. I live in a community that has few people but is a very peaceful and safe place. I live in a shack and it’s a three-room home.

It leaks when the weather is not right but it’s still a home because I have a place to sleep and feel comfortable in it, so that’s a home for me.

I’m a very passionate, caring and loving girl who just loves to do new things and meet new people. I’m a person with lots of dreams and I love challenges. I love sports and love education because it’s a best thing in life. If you are not educated you won’t succeed.

I love sharing things with people and knowing things about them too, because it’s great knowing about other people’s lives and how they grow up and what they want in life.

Being a teenager at this point of life is a great challenge I think because there are so many opportunities that we have. Nothing is holding us back. It doesn’t matter where you live or what or what kind of house you live in, If you want your life to be successful you will be. You just have to work hard and be your self.

You’re the one that knows what you want in life. I’m a person that loves advice and I have faced a lot of things in life but I’ve learnt not to give up and just be myself. So that’s who I am.

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