Who Am I?- by Alicia Marinus


I’m a girl 15 years of age. I live with my parents in a small community where everyone knows everyone. I describe myself as a caring person always looking out for my fellow neighbours
when they are in time of need.

I never back down from a challenge that’s coming my way. As my English teacher always says, if you do something you should get it right the first time.

As teenagers we go through a lot of things. Sometime we feel like there’s nobody looking out for us but as a believer in Chris I know that there is someone up there looking out for me. Even when
days are dark, when friends are few and I feel like giving up on
life – when you feel like everyone is against you even your family you love so dearly. I know God is always there for me.

I’m always open to try new things and I end up having a great time. Friends are very important to me they are like a backbone they there to hold your hand, pick you up when you fall, be with you through the stormy rain not leaving you in the freezing cold. That’s who I am.

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