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There are long reports ... and there are short reports. If you need to know absolutely everything, please go to the Resources tab where our pdf documents are stored. If, like most of us, you just need the basics, short reports of our workshop activities can be found right here.


17 Jan 2019
CBN was privileged to welcome Nina and Michael Grimm, from Rottweil, to a workshop on 3 January 2019.
15 Jan 2019
A Grimm Fairy Tale Once upon a time …
9 Jan 2019
There will be more about that, the first workshop of this year, the last workshop of last year ... and the generosity of all our friends. Our apologies for the short break in communications.
22 Dec 2018
Every December we enjoy the inspiring sight of thousands of bikers pouring into designated centres with huge teddy-bears and other toys strapped onto their bikes, themselves … their girlfriends.
12 Dec 2018
We ended off the year on a complete high note with participation from talented Zimbabwean musician Terry Tekura and his colleague Edward Schmidt – on 10th December.
5 Dec 2018
We have had a magnificent ride through this past year. CBN has gone from strength to strength on all fronts.
4 Nov 2018
Great choir input from Vuyokasi Size and her husband.
3 Nov 2018
The following short address was made at the awarding of the Social Responsibility Awards at Hermanus High School in October 2018 by Lesley Beake.
2 Nov 2018
CBN needs – and would like to offer - local support in providing exciting and stimulating after-school activities for local children. We are also looking to share some of the problems and be part of...
31 Oct 2018
CBN will be holding a holiday workshop for our loyal supporters! There will be storytelling and activities for Little CBN (6-8 years old) and a fun two-day workshop for out regulars (9-12 years-old...
21 Oct 2018
Those who sing together grow together. We began our choir with the Winter Workshops when the theme was Imagination – but we never imagined how important it would become.
17 Oct 2018
We are busy recruiting a new Teen Team to work with us next year. For teenagers who have been working with us during 2018, the benefits have been huge. First it is fun. Then it is a feel-good thing...
16 Oct 2018
Music has always been part of CBN. We read together, listen together, play together … and sing together. Now CBN has a choir that forms an important part of our workshops and events.
1 Oct 2018
On Monday 24th September (which is a public holiday for Heritage Day in South Africa), CNB held a very successful workshop at Butterfly Centre in Stanford. Nearly sixty CBN children entertained ten...
11 Sep 2018
The Theme: Our Heritage. The San people of Africa. There will be four workshops in this series, which form a unit in our Toolbox. They could be presented as a two (or even three) day workshop, or as...
10 Sep 2018
The Theme: Our Heritage. The San people of Africa. There will be four workshops in this series, which form a unit in our Toolbox. They could be presented as a two (or even three) day workshop, or as...
7 Sep 2018
We have been getting to know each other during the Winter Workshops in Stanford and the feeling was mutual. We like working together. The only sad thing is that the Matrics we have been working with...
6 Sep 2018
Workshops with a heritage theme Saturday Stories: On Saturday 8th September Saturday Stories: On Saturday 15th September Heritage Day Celebration on Monday 24 September
20 Aug 2018
We already have a splendid, eager, hard-working team of teenagers – ably led by Nyasha Makwarimba, who has worked with CBN for well over a year now. Now we have an official Teen Team of teenagers who...
20 Aug 2018
We have always believed – and said publicly – that CBN must stick to what it does. That is to work with children of 10,11 and 12 who can read, but don’t. Children who come from book-deprived...
11 Jul 2018
The Winter Workshops in Stanford – three days of workshop and an additional three mornings of books and song – have been, a tremendous success.
30 Jun 2018
CBN has run a regular series of 7 Saturday workshops from the beginning of March and these have proved not only popular, but also very productive.
27 May 2018
During 2018, our colleague, Janine van Rooy-Overmeyer (Blaq Pearl) held two extremely successful workshops in Tafelsig (Mitchell’s Plain). We hope Janine will be able to take this further next year...
16 Apr 2018
CBN, in connection with NEAD, held a workshop facilitated by Janine van Rooi (Blaq Pearl) at Freedom Park Community Hall from 9am to 12 pm The report is on its way, but these pictures speak a...
15 Apr 2018
Vuyo has assisted with workshops many times, but earlier this year, she asked if she could bring some children from her community at Die Kop, halfway between Stanford and Gansbaai. Of course.
15 Apr 2018
Monday 10th April saw twenty children assembling in the Butterfly Centre in Stanford – early, as usual, with their community facilitator Vuyokasi Siza and helper Patricia.
7 Apr 2018
To celebrate the end of the school holidays, we will be holding a workshop at Buterfly Centre at 10.30 on Monday 9th. The theme will be My House – my imagination!
17 Mar 2018
On 17 February, CBN held the second of a new scheme of training workshops. This is the extension of our Stanford workshops that includes children from Die Kop and was facilitated by Vuyo Siza with...
7 Mar 2018
It has always been a dream to find, and train, people from within the communities we work with. Vuyo Siza is just such a person. She already works at Butterfly Centre – a wonderful school for...
2 Mar 2018
The first in a series of workshops to be given by Blaq Pearl (Janine van Rooi) and colleagues in Mitchell’s Plain. These workshops will be held in cooperation with community organization NEAD.
19 Feb 2018
The 16th February saw the first of what we hope will be a regular story session in Stanford with Vuyokazi Siza as workshop leader. This is part of CBN’s new outreach project where we will be...
11 Feb 2018
There will be a short workshop on Friday afternoon, 2.30 for snacks, 3.00 workshop begins at Butterfly Centre where Lesley will focus on the message to children of Nelson Mandela in this the...
17 Dec 2017
On a Saturday morning a bit of story-telling always comes in handy and some of our stalwart Stanford CBN children met to celebrate the holidays and listen to An African Mother Christmas by Gcina...
14 Dec 2017
On Saturday 16th December CBN will be having a special story morning – with books that reflect the spirit of generosity and caring – and Africa.
29 Oct 2017
On Saturday 28th October CBN continued with the theme of personal identity and home. Books discussed included stories of place and landscape as well as addressing the problem of communication and...
27 Oct 2017
Number four in the series of workshops with Stanford children about their personal heritage. We began with landscape of their environment, and maps. That activity will continue – but we are also...
5 Oct 2017
These workshops extended over three days and were attended by between 26 children (first day) and 18 children (third day). Some children were away visiting relatives in E Cape during the school...
4 Oct 2017
OUR WORLD PROJECT History This project started on 24 September with an introduction to the ideas of place and person – who I am and where I live – and will continue until after the summer workshops....
2 Oct 2017
CBN will be giving two workshops in Stanford during the holidays, carrying on with the theme of ‘Our World’ launched here last week. The workshops will be on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October,...
28 Sep 2017
On Heritage weekend (23 September), CBN held the first of a series of workshops around the landscape and lives of children in the Overstrand region. They got off to a cracking start!
5 Sep 2017
Our next workshop will be on Saturday 23 September at 10.00, at The Butterfly Centre in Stanford.
20 Jul 2017
On 3, 4 & 5 July CBN held a workshop with Enlighten Education Trust at their premises in Hermanus. We had a high attendance level with around 22 on the first day, 26 on the second day – and about...
25 Jun 2017
We need more local assistance – people who can help us with the detail, follow up on contacts, find discounts for supplies, help with catering. We have a very small, but loyal and hard-working team,...
27 Apr 2017
Our theme for the next three months will be Local Heroes and we got off to a heroic start on Saturday where we introduced the idea of reading heroes and the fact that – whatever kind of hero you want...
15 Apr 2017
On Saturday 22 April at 10.30 we will assemble once again at the Butterfly Centre, this time for a celebration of Local Heroes. Inspirational singer-songwriter Blaq Pearl will be with us again and...
14 Apr 2017
Eggzactly as eggspected, 21 children arrived at the Butterfly Centre for a pre-holiday weekend workshop that promised fun stories, fun books … and also fun.
12 Apr 2017
We will be exploring some design ideas around the shape of eggs, decorating real eggs and – most importantly – hearing some stories that are mostly for fun this time. There is a faint possibility...
11 Apr 2017
We took an exceptionally well behaved group of children to Overberg Honey on 10th April, accompanied by community helper Akona and volunteer Anne Mckeag.
16 Feb 2017
Today – 16th February – is a big day in the reading calendar. It might not attract as much attention as the better publicized St Valentine’s Day, but it has more meaning for the many children around...
21 Dec 2016
Day Two and a different set of children – and expectations. We foregathered for games to let off steam and then separated for different activities. De Bron Primary School kindly provided the venue....