Toolbox Theme Two: Time and Landscape

20 April 2020: CBN is launching this project in the midst of a global pandemic – because life must go on, reading must go on. The Children need reading skills now, as much as ever.

Originally designed for workshop activities and experiences, we are busy adapting the material to present online – with particular reference to children – and their parents – in lockdown.

Toolbox Theme One: Books and Stories

Our first theme reflects the most important aspect of every other theme – books and stories. Everything we do comes back, time after time, to books.

Click on the links below to download our ‘Books and Stories’ Resources. Our Manual provides instructions and ideas on how to run a CBN workshop using the toolbox, and our Contents list has all the resources you’ll need to make your workshops a success. 

Books and Stories: Red Toolbox Manual

Books and Stories: Red Toolbox Contents 

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