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Toolbox theme One:  Books and Stories


Our first theme reflects the most important aspect of every other theme – books and stories. Everything we do comes back, time after time, to books.



10 Feb 2019
Children everywhere used to have strong tradition of clapping games. In Africa that tradition still exists and is enjoyed hugely.
23 Jan 2019
Our wonderful friends in Rottweil, Germany, who visited us in person in September, have sent a cash donation to pay for four new toolboxes that will go to schools in the Overberg.
11 Feb 2018
It’s here! The new and improved toolbox will hit the streets later this month.
14 Oct 2017
On Friday 13th October, CBN delivered the third of our prototype reading toolboxes to Red Cross at a 2-hour workshop attended by members of Rotary Newlands (who donated the toolbox) and the principal...
9 Oct 2017
Two prototype toolboxes have already been handed over – to Red Hill informal settlement above Simon’s Town and to Sevile School in Khayelitsha. A third box will be donated by Rotary Newlands at a...
1 Jul 2017
CBN has successfully handed over three reading toolboxes that were sponsored by Rotary Newlands (2) and the Crankhandle Club. These boxes will go to teacher-librarians in under-resourced schools in...
1 Jul 2017
CBN has been busy developing a reading game during this year. Research was begun by Rosemary Bangham and Emily Halinan on an original idea by Lesley Beake, and further developed by Chantel...
8 Nov 2016
CBN’s core purpose is to encourage a love of reading among children who can read, but don’t. We began this through workshops, and this has been the prime testing ground for ideas that potentially can...
7 Sep 2016
Franschhoek Toolbox Workshop: 10 September This workshop is an invitation to explore ideas about bringing books to children – and children to books, Background:
29 Jul 2016
Of course, the ultimate aim of toolboxes and workshops is to get children actually reading. Included in the toolboxes will be sixty books and the aim is that each child in a reading group will read...
29 Jul 2016
The Super-Books are an integral part of the toolboxes - and sooner or later, we have to fix the titles we will be including. This is hard! In fact it is so hard that arm-wrestling may have to take...
29 Jul 2016
CBN has created our own super hero – Zeb, Super-Book-Hero! With text by Lesley Beake and illustrations by Vian Oelofsen, Zeb leads the way throughout the themed boxes.
29 Jul 2016
Spreading the reading word … For some time CBN has been looking for a way to reach more children – to excite more children about books, to make reading cool.
4 Jan 2015
One of our priorities for the future is to extend the reach of Children’s Book Network to other children and bring them more and more books.
Telling stories in the newly made puppets!
9 Aug 2014
The shadow puppet activity (initially suggested by Sandy Rudd, theatre director in Namibia) has proved wildly successful.