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There are long reports ... and there are short reports. If you need to know absolutely everything, please go to the Resources tab where our pdf documents are stored. If, like most of us, you just need the basics, short reports of our workshop activities can be found right here.


16 Aug 2021
Spring Festival In the school holidays at the beginning of September, we plan on having a Spring Festival of renewal and revival.
15 Aug 2021
‘PP’ stands for ‘Pandemic Permitting’ and will probably be permanently in our thoughts and planning for a long time to come. As will ‘Covid compliant’. That said, we have some exciting ideas brewing...
14 Jul 2021
We began, nearly ten years ago, as a workshop-focused NPO (Not-For Profit-Organization). During hundreds of workshops in rural and township venues, we learned a lot about how to engage – and keep –...
22 Jun 2021
The Children’s Book Network (CBN) has taken the opportunity to reach more children in other areas of our lovely town. In partnership with the Stanford Library, who graciously allowed us to use the...
10 Jun 2021
For those with little time available, there is a summary at the end of this article and, to keep things as short as possible, links to particular aspects of this big project that you may be...
10 Jun 2021
Pretty much everything changed in 2020 – for everybody - and CBN was no exception.
10 Jun 2021
There is a lot going on. So much, that the website has been a bit neglected. So much to do, that everything else, that is not directly related to children and reading, has been neglected too. But it...
24 Apr 2021
We are hoping to achieve ... Always to remember the purpose of CBN, which is to get children reading and enjoying books!
31 Mar 2021
On 19th March, CBN held our first workshop in over a year and the children were very eager to be part of that after all these months of working independently.
4 Mar 2021
This is a short afternoon workshop, after school, and before a long weekend. The aim is to introduce the theme of Colours and leave reading packs and activities that will keep the children occupied...
4 Mar 2021
On the last Friday of February, we arranged a meeting with some CBN children. We haven’t been allowed to see them much, not since Covid became the main topic of conversation and ruler of our – and...
4 Mar 2021
At the end of February 2021, we conducted a short survey of what the CBN children most enjoyed during their year of Lockdown Learning. The table is filed as a PDF at OUR RECORDS:
3 Mar 2021
Please go to: OUR RECORDS at top of page to find the general report and monitoring and evaluation report. Once they have been completed, the financials will be added. (Our finabcial year only ended...
3 Mar 2021
Children’s Book Network is fully prepared to adapt to whatever the current Covid circumstances are. We have full compliance to national regulations and , at all times, and in every case, the safety...
2 Mar 2021
Below, is a link to a short film made during the hugely successful Stanford Festival, which took place in December between lockdowns. Many of the children you will see here are long-standing CBN...
26 Feb 2021
WEEK 1 (1 March) Cellphone and communications rollout. Daisy and Vuyo to build network. Complete Swimming and all other work in Happiness Books WEEK 2-3 (8 March and 15 March) COLOURS Reading Packs...
26 Feb 2021
The Happiness books
26 Feb 2021
The beginning of January is not the beginning of CBN’s year. The beginning of March is when we start to implement the ideas that have simmered and baked during the previous year. The ideas that are...
11 Jan 2021
In 2021 Children’s Book Network enters its tenth year of working with children and reading. We aim for it to be a year to celebrate children as well as books. In spite of everything pandemics and...
23 Sep 2020
A summary for those who are short of time... Children’s Book Network approaches 10 years of working with children without books or a love of reading. This is happening in a year of global disaster...
23 Sep 2020
Introduction Soon, it will be ten years since CBN began to work with children from poor communities who had little interest in books and reading.
7 May 2020
A funding appeal without the number 19 in it! Instead, we would like to invite you to join the Children’s Book Network Thousand Club.
24 Apr 2020
The Children's Book Network (CBN) team are working on the development of our Reading Toolboxes, as well as creating online content for children during the lockdown.
11 Apr 2020
As our days seem to melt into each other at the moment, here’s a fun activity you can do to remind us all of the chocolatey celebration of Easter which is happening this weekend!
10 Apr 2020
A children's book about the Coronavirus, illustrated by the award-winning Gruffalo artist Axel Scheffler, is available for free online. We've uploaded it here for you to read and share with your...
26 Mar 2020
We thought we’d share a few ways you can keep your children moving while at home. Quiet time, reading and other brain stimulating activities are important, but some fun movement games are necessary...
24 Mar 2020
With schools closed and contact with others limited, what are children to do with themselves? We have been brainstorming ideas about resources that can be accessed through our website now, and also...
20 Mar 2020
Thank you for your support. Our Funding Proposal can be found at the bottom of this article by clicking the PDF links, or on OUR RECORDS page.
19 Mar 2020
With all of the hype and misinformation around the Corona virus, it is important to put our children's minds at ease about the pandemic. It is also vitally important to properly inform them about...
10 Mar 2020
CBN is proud to welcome Inga as a serious part of our team – and a wonderful inspiration to our children. As an Ambassador for CBN, we hope that she will raise our profile locally and she already has...
9 Mar 2020
This has to rate as one of our best! We had 36 children in attendance – only three of them in the ‘Little CBN’ category. These were most competently absorbed in stories by Lisa Witherden, and some...
How does our programme work?
9 Mar 2020
Children's Book Network (CBN) has been operating since 2012, and while we've changed and adapted over time, the core of our programme remains the same - to instil a love of reading in our children,...
5 Mar 2020
UNDERGROUND! Theme: Looking at non-fiction – and looking at the fun in photographic ‘big books’. The story of going underground – and what might be found there. LITTLE CBN Going underwater and what...
4 Mar 2020
High School children are keen to help – but very pressurised by work and sport. We have enthusiastic support from children at Hermanus High School who come when they can. Surprisingly, this often...
3 Mar 2020
We at last had the resources and staff to develop a proper M&E system. Our Administrator, Wilien van Zyl, recorded all children attending our workshops and noted demographic details that enable...
CBN children enjoying being read to
28 Feb 2020
During 2019 we held 21 Workshops in total, and worked with just over 1 191 children in Stanford, De Kop, Zwelihle (Hermanus) and in Mitchell’s Plain. Our first two workshops for 2020 brought us a...
21 Feb 2020
Still in the same venue at Norfolk Place, CBN is welcoming even more children than ever this year, with additional help from volunteers and part time staff as well as the old trusted team. We thank...
18 Feb 2020
We are delighted to have the help and enthusiasm of Lisa Witherden, who turned up at exactly the right moment to assist with some of the critical issues facing an expanding CBN.
7 Feb 2020
Children’s Book Network (CBN) has officially kicked off our Saturday workshops for the year. These workshops take place twice a month and give our children a chance to read, space to let their...
16 Nov 2019
Photographs of children doing things tend to be more alluring, and maybe reflect more of the activities around the theme of the workshop than the actual business of reading. But they read! A lot.
15 Nov 2019
We are finishing the year off in style with two parties, two workshops in Stanford and two workshops in Tafelsig (Mitchells Plain).
15 Nov 2019
Our Children’s Book Network choir has been invited to join a group of singers from the Netherlands in joyful song next week, Friday 22nd November, at Madre’s Restaurant in Stanford. 16.00 until 18.00...
15 Nov 2019
Some projects turn out to be a lot bigger – and a lot more work – than expected, and the CBN Toolbox Project definitely falls into that category.
15 Oct 2019
Supporters of CBN will have noticed that our website has not been as regularly updated as they have come to expect. This year has been hugely successful in the work that we are here to do – creating...
10 Jul 2019
The venue was the amazing Groenberg Community Library , right in the heart of Franschhoek.
2 Jul 2019
Today, Tuesday 2nd July, CBN had a workshop titled Place.
Warm up game
21 Jun 2019
On Friday 21 June CBN hosted a workshop at Enlighten Trust , attended by 28 children. The theme of the workshop was 'Windows'. It was focused on what you saw as you looked outside a window and what...
9 Jun 2019
On Saturday the 8th June, the CBN children were once again reunited. Jude Victor came to visit the children which was a great surprise. The workshop was attended by 28 Children from Stanford and Die...
25 May 2019
Saturday 25th May, we had a workshop in Stanford in which 34 children attended. The theme was Friendship.
16 May 2019
Lesley will be away for nearly three weeks – and during that time, Nyasha Makwarimba, who is now interning with us, will take over the running of the website. All supportive comments can be directed...