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There are long reports ... and there are short reports. If you need to know absolutely everything, please go to the Resources tab where our pdf documents are stored. If, like most of us, you just need the basics, short reports of our workshop activities can be found right here.


25 May 2019
Saturday 25th May, we had a workshop in Stanford in which 34 children attended. The theme was Friendship.
16 May 2019
Lesley will be away for nearly three weeks – and during that time, Nyasha Makwarimba, who is now interning with us, will take over the running of the website. All supportive comments can be directed...
17 Apr 2019
CBN will offer a workshop on Saturday 19th April with the theme ‘Expressions’
3 Apr 2019
And, by the numbers … We always have an oversupply of children of all ages in Stanford when the call goes out. We had 54 children in attendance on 13 March and a more restrained 19 in Hermanus at...
3 Apr 2019
Drawing on experience Especially for children who may not be articulate in English (although all our participants understand if they are Grade 4 and above), illustration provides a creative starting...
3 Apr 2019
Working on the theme of ‘US!’ On 18th March (Stanford) and 19 March Enlighten Education Trust in Zwelihle in Hermanus, we gave two holiday reading workshops to the great enjoyment of the children.
3 Apr 2019
Two Day-Workshops on 18 and 19 March On 18th March (Stanford) and 19 March (Enlighten Education Trust in Zwelihle in Hermanus).
1 Apr 2019
When famous hip-hop singer Janine van Rooy (Blaq Pearl) works with our children, they write songs together. It isn’t easy – and the rules are that what they want to say goes in, regardless of the...
31 Mar 2019
A new development, and a logical one. We have for some time been working on our methods for monitoring and evaluating the progress our children make with their reading. We can SEE how much more they...
20 Mar 2019
Our choir began as a community building exercise,but has grown from there. In Stanford we work with children from two communities and two schools. Singing seemed like a good idea to bring everyone...
15 Mar 2019
OK. This is why we couldn't avoid forming a Little CBN! They just come along anyway, and during the holidays often have to follow their older siblings, who are baby-sitting. But ... honestly ......
14 Mar 2019
After the success of the inaugural Teen Team last year, we have regrouped.
9 Mar 2019
We had a workshop at the butterfly centre that was attended by 45 children from Stanford. It was conducted by Vuyokazi Siza. We focused on introducing a new song, ‘We are the world – Micheal Jackson...
2 Mar 2019
CBN is very grateful to Phumlani Lose, who gives up many Saturday mornings to CBN. He adds both his voice and his example to our workshops.
1 Mar 2019
For CBN we have a new, New Year when we hit the first of March and begin our new financial year. So, it IS the first of March and we have a whole new 2019 filing section to populate, and many plans.
24 Feb 2019
Reading a book is just like being a detective in a TV series. You have to look for clues to make the story work. This was our first book detective story:
24 Feb 2019
CBN offered two workshops in January, but only one in February – the hectic athletics season at schools, but we are in full stride again, with a busy March programme. Saturday morning CBN Book Club 2...