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Past Events

30 Nov 2018
For three years we have kindly been hosted by The Butterfly Centre – a school for children with additional needs in Stanford.
29 Oct 2018
After an exciting Heritage month (see reports under WORKSHOPS) we are back to Saturday Stories at Butterfly Centre.
30 Sep 2018
Making children happy is one of the most important objectives of CBN. Yes, we are about books and reading. But the children who come to our workshops are exposed to other things as well.
28 Aug 2018
After a stunning Winter Workshops season (seven workshops) in Stanford, we are developing fresh ideas and thinking about how to handle the numbers of children keen to come to workshops.
31 Jul 2018
Theme: Music and Story. Music and Books Dates: Monday 2 July to Wednesday 4 July Venue: Butterfly Centre
30 May 2018
We currently have two new projects under way – the locally run workshops given by Vuyo Siza in Stanford, and the Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha workshops with Blaq Pearl and Primrose Mrwebi.
28 Mar 2018
CBN is really encouraged by a request from parents at De Kop settlement between Stanford and Gaansbaai to meet with them to discuss ways of encouraging reading.
3 Mar 2018
We are now embarking on our new workshop programme, having done an extensive revamp of the toolboxes and worked with our colleagues who will be giving workshops in Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha.
20 Feb 2018
The new toolboxes are in production – we are ordering the books and the materials we need to have two full toolboxes with our two stalwart facilitators who will be beginning a ten month programme o
31 Jan 2018
CBN has got off to a cracking start in 2018 with new projects in view and old projects continuing. This is going to be a landmark year for us and for the children we work with.
30 Dec 2017
Next year there will be more of you. There will be more workshops, more toolboxes, more stories, more drawing and making things, more people coming to talk to you; more events and excursions.
15 Dec 2017
This last year has marked a significant change for CBN as we moved from being a small group of friends doing what we were able to – to being a larger group of friends tackling bigger projects.
29 Nov 2017
CBN will be doing some informal workshops in November and December with the children, fitting around their exam schedules.
28 Oct 2017
We are expanding our new project – Our World – to reach children in Gansbaai (where we are talking to the municipal library), Hermanus and Stanford.
23 Sep 2017
We will be kick-starting a new season of workshops with a new project called Our World, where we will be looking at the heritage as well as the environment of the children we work with.
31 Aug 2017
CBN turns five this year and we are in deep thought about new ideas, new ways forward and new inspirations. There are exciting changes coming up, so watch this space!
15 Jul 2017
As we did last year, we will be holding a two-day workshop in Hermanus, on 3 and 4 July at Enlighten Education Trust in Zwelihle with a star-studded cast!
30 Apr 2017
In the first of three April workshops, Stanford children visited Overberg Honey and had an incredible time.
4 Apr 2017
Bees and Butterflies are on the programme with a visit to the Overberg Honey Company to create entries for a honey-bee art competition and a workshop at the Butterfly Centre, which could ...
31 Mar 2017
Getting a tax exemption certificate might not seem like front-page news, but it is for CBN.
5 Mar 2017
CBN has been extremely busy during January with forward planning and toolbox developments – as well as strategic planning meetings.
31 Jan 2017
We have a special new year's message to all of you from friend and founder Gcina Mhlophe
2 Dec 2016
This month of November sees us nearing completion of the first of three planned toolboxes – and they are even more exciting than we had hoped.
1 Nov 2016
We have been talking for ages about methods of spreading our work to reach more children and excite them about reading.
30 Sep 2016
From the outset, CBN has been blessed with friends.
14 Sep 2016
CBN will, once again, be holding holiday workshops in Stanford during the holidays - and we will be doing more trialling of our toolboxes! Watch this space for more information.
10 Sep 2016
On Saturday 10th September, CBN will be presenting the toolboxes to a team of dedicated librarians working under the auspices of the Franschhoek Literary Festival Library Fund.
15 Jul 2016
By popular demand (a great deal of demand) CBN will be holding three grade-specific workshops on 11, 12 and 13 July.
6 Jul 2016
From 4th to 6th July, CBN will be holding a Green, Green Theme reading workshop at Enlighten Trust in Hermanus.
6 Jun 2016
On Saturday 4th June, CBN will hold a workshop on fun with reading – and making reading irresistible through games, activities and really - really - good books!
28 May 2016
A question that will be answered on Saturday for some Stanford children who will visit a honey business, and find out about bees and honey – with appropriate reading involved as well.
16 May 2016
Those who like a glimmer of hope with their gloom now and again should consider the Franschhoek Literary Festival Schools Week and Library Fund. I do.
6 May 2016 to 16 May 2016
2016 will be the fifth year of the Book Week for Young Readers which precedes each Festival, bringing over fifty children's authors, storytellers, performance poets and workshop facilitators t
30 Apr 2016
This year’s theme is Green and we are kicking off an exciting workshop on Cats in general – beginning with a sponsored visit to Panthera Africa, near Stanford at the end of April.
31 Mar 2016
Stanford will be the venue for a spontaneous Music and Books workshop on Tuesday 29 March, 2.00 at the Butterfly Centre.
3 Mar 2016
Book Dash Hits Cape Town! The sixth Book Dash happened on 5 March in Cape Town at the Centre for the Book in Queen Victoria Street. It was an inspiringly creative day.
28 Feb 2016
CBN will be holding a workshop for children from Red Hill informal settlement at Simon’s Town Library at 10.00 until 2.00 on Saturday 13th February using the book The Possibili Tree by Tamlyn Young
31 Jan 2016
2015 was a good year in so many ways. We reached a lot of children, read a lot of books, hopefully inspired a lot of reading.
27 Dec 2015
The stars are in our eyes as we contemplate a very good year of workshops – and remember the children we have worked with. 2015 was a good year. Time now to plan for another one – and we are.
31 Oct 2015
In one of our most exciting events yet, CBN will be meeting the brave pilot and his Moth biplane in Stellenbosch tomorrow, 24th october, when they complete their epic flight from northern Scandinav
20 Oct 2015
A busy month with a workshop and performance with children and rock gongs as part of the National Heritage Symposium in Clanwilliam on Thursday 15th and an exciting workshop the following week with
30 Sep 2015
New weather, new season … new plans. CBN has had a relocation break as we moved offices and took a deep breath after the intensive workshop programme in Clanwilliam.
30 Aug 2015
CBN has offered ten workshops this year, to children between six and sixteen. Now a huge amount of planning, assessment and thinking has to be done after this successful programme of events.
31 Jul 2015
From 13th to 17th July there will be a workshop for Grades 4,5,6 and 7.
30 Jun 2015
This is an exam month for our usual crowd of workshoppers, so we will be concentrating on the much younger children during June, with visits to pre-school groups and kindergarten classes as well as
31 May 2015
There will be two weekend workshops during May around the themes of time, rock art and people in the valley. There is space for 25 participants at each workshop.
30 Apr 2015
In the upcoming Autumn holidays, CBN will be reaching out to more young people in Clanwilliam with a series of workshops, including two given by our colleagues from FunDza Literary Trust, aimed at
23 Mar 2015 to 19 Apr 2015
If you live in New York, you may be interested in attending this wonderful event being organised by fantastic CBN friends.
28 Feb 2015
Workshop dates for the new workshops season are falling into place.
31 Jan 2015
While the children are getting ready to begin the school year, CBN is preparing for a busy workshop year ahead and also creating kits that will enable others to take our ideas into a wider world.