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10 Jun 2021
From the very first day, CBN has enjoyed a close and warm association with Rotary both in South Africa and overseas.
Lighthouse2Lighthouse Practise Walk - Nov 2020 - Lisa and Wilien
17 Nov 2020
Pictured here are past staff member Lisa Witherden (left) and mainstay Wilien van Zyl (right) proudly wearing CBN tee-shirts and walking with the Lighthouse2Lighthouse ladies who raise funding for...
19 Jun 2020
We are really thrilled that three long-standing friends of CBN are joining us internationally to raise funds for the continued work of CBN at a time when it is more necessary than ever. They are (in...
21 Apr 2020
Our Treasured Donors – Every rand counts – and in this difficult year of 2020, we are more determined than ever to reach the children with reading and books who need us.
25 Feb 2020
Springfontein Wine Estate is working closely with the non-profit organisation Children’s Book Network, ‘to bring books and children onto the same page’. Children’s Book Network (CBN) began early in...
6 Nov 2018
Without the people who dig deep in their pockets to help our work, nothing would be possible. The following donations were enormously helpful in the 2018 calendar year. Many, many thanks to:
26 Oct 2015
Delighted doesn’t come near what we felt when Leif Lindquist, on behalf of four Rotary Clubs in Skellefteä, presented CBN with a most beautiful piece of card with the words R220 000 printed on it!
26 Mar 2014
A list of the many individuals and organizations who have helped us during the first, precarious two years of CBN. Without their help we would be nowhere.  The Swedish Arts Council
19 Aug 2013
CBN has been fortunate from the beginning in donors who simply wanted to help us get started and who have preferred to remain anonymous.  When there has been a need for something – funding for the...