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Friends. Where would we be without them?

From the beginning, CBN has been rich in friends and fellowship. Whenever we have needed something - from maps to T-shirts, somebody has known somebody who has a contact who knows somebody else ... Our  Network has spread further than we could ever have dreamed, with support from Ireland, Sweden and America and England (so far). We need to build more local support, in the places where we work, and in South Africa. 

 If you are interested in helping CBN grow and achieve more for the children of the Overstrand, please contact us.

Thank you to all of you who have befriended CBN. It is appreciated. Spread the word. Subscribe to our newsletter. (Use our Donate button as often as you feel like doing!)


16 Aug 2021
Wilien must sometimes wonder, as she opens the door to the CBN ‘office’ in my dining room, what is waiting for her THIS time. It could be pretty well anything and it is time to acknowledge her part...
14 Dec 2020
If ever there was a time – a week, a month, a year – when we needed song, dance and light, it was this one. The Stanford Festival’s motto is ‘permission to play’ and the children of Stanford were...
8 Dec 2020
Children’s Book Network has a new home. It is an office with carpets, a desk and bookshelves. It also has a collection of boxes of books, stationery, art materials and teddy bears.
20 Nov 2020
Yesterday (19th November) a very informal meeting was attended by 14 individuals and organizations working with children in Stanford. Tomorrow … in the future ... we hope to be more in contact with...
20 Nov 2020
At Children’s Book Network, we don’t do black. In keeping with our new Happiness Project for the children, we are offering you the chance to avoid the crowds in the mall next Friday and gift...
5 Nov 2020
An informal meeting will be held at Madre’s restaurant on 19th November at 11.00 for all those working with the children in and around Stanford. AGENDA: • A simple connection and exchange of...
5 Nov 2020
Vuyo has been working with CBN for four years now, in a job she gradually expanded into, until we can’t imagine how we managed without her.
5 Nov 2020
Daisy Verburg arrived for coffee just when we needed her. One thing led to another, as tends to happen with CBN, and she has now started as our official fundraiser and manager of social media. That...
4 Nov 2020
CBN’s Administration person is one totally reliable friend!
7 Oct 2020
Lisa Witherden arrived like a lucky bean at just the time we needed her. Within two weeks of introducing herself, lockdown began and she was hard at work with the team to create the 18-week project...
7 Oct 2020
Keeping us on the straight and narrow – Elsa Gebhard
6 Nov 2018
We found Nyasha by accident – and now we don’t know how we managed without her. She sprang into the workshops as a volunteer and gradually revealed just how talented she is.
30 Aug 2018
Change happens. Usually it is uncomfortable, but it happens anyway. So it is with regret that we say goodbye to three loyal board members from Rotary Newlands – our Chair, Roy Zazeraj and supporting...
22 Jun 2018
Our website is an important tool to communicate and record what we do. Computer difficulties can get in the way of that! But we now have a brand new Mac sitting on the desk, as a result of a gift by...
30 Nov 2017
Any organization needs a firm hand on the paperwork and CBN has been doubly fortunate to have Chantel looking after ours.
5 Sep 2017
CBN is back in action, and the beginning of official spring, and the end of our short break has been kicked-off by the most marvellous generosity from Friends of Children’s Book Network in England.
5 Nov 2015
The words ‘Jay Heale’ and ‘children’s books’ go together like, well, like Piglet and Pooh.
2 Nov 2015
CBN is about books, but we also hope that the children we work with are inspired to dream their own dreams and set their sights high. Many of our facilitators are, in their own lives, examples of...
12 Oct 2015
CBN first heard about the Cape to Cape project when one of our Rotarian friends, Leif Sundqvist, visited us from Skellefteä. He described an adventure that our children would love to be part of – and...
10 Mar 2015
A USA Benefit for the Children’s Book Network in Cape Town and Clanwilliam, South Africa
2 Feb 2015
Shopping for books without having to pay at the end? Quite possible if you are using the books in schools or other reading programmes.
30 Sep 2014
The Children's Radio Foundation ( train young reporters around Africa in radio broadcasting, opening all sorts of opportunities to them and teaching a plethora...
8 Sep 2014
Richard Parsons, Champion of Children’s Book Network and friend, died last week after a courageous struggle with cancer. CBN owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his enormous support and...
14 Aug 2014
Sometimes, in all the pictures of children at workshops, the facilitators, friends and helpers who make it all possible are left out. So here is a thank you to them.
13 Aug 2014
Rosemary has been with CBN almost since the beginning, doing design work, volunteering at workshops – and gradually being drawn in to more and more activities until she is now an essential part of...
9 Aug 2014
Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project (CLLP) had been a wonderful ally and partner for CBN in a series of workshops stretching back nearly two years now. The project has the structure we need – a hall...
5 Aug 2014
CBN has a strong team of regular facilitators – Lesley and croc E, Anele and Rosemary are almost always there, but we co-opt (sometimes to their considerable surprise) caring and interested people...
4 Aug 2014
We were very lucky, and privileged, to host the riel dancers from Elizabethfontein Primary School at our Clanwilliam winter workshop. They did a lovely show for us, dancing stories that were well...
22 Jul 2014
Monday 7th July was an important date for Children’s Book Network at the Centre for the Book in Queen Victoria Street. It was the launch of a new phase of our work – and all three founders were there.
2 Jul 2014
At the four-day workshop held in Clanwilliam between 30th June and 3 July, 25 children had the chance to use the CBN iPads for the first time. Two of them are on loan from Digicape in Cape Town, two...
9 Jun 2014
croc E is a special part of CBN workshops. When he starts getting into his ‘Disaster Management: Poet’ overall and puts on his poet’s hat, children sit up and take notice. He speaks to them softly,...
3 Jun 2014
2 Phumla Gqoboka: Web Management The website you are looking at has a fairly complex and very time-consuming structure that makes it work. Hundreds of pictures, dozens of articles – the Facebook and...
28 May 2014
After just over two years of operation, largely with volunteers and scraping by on minimal funding, we now have a regular team who work on an hourly basis (and still a lot of volunteer hours) with...
10 Apr 2014
It seemed appropriate to talk about friends on a day when the best of friends – children’s books – were being celebrated. We talked about friends, read about friends and thought about what friends...
10 Mar 2014
CBN is about books. Yup. But we approach books in different ways. Making reading cool is what we do – and using electronic media in that crusade works for us, and works for the young people we reach...
21 Aug 2013
For some time now, CBN has been in deep discussion with Rotary Skelleftea in northern Sweden about ways in which they can help us to ‘Make Reading Cool’ - their suggested name for the joint project.
24 Jul 2013
Where would any of us be without friends? CBN is grateful that we have (possibly) the best in the world!
15 Jun 2013
Most of you will know that I have been writing and illustrating books for many years – my first picture book,