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Franschhoek Symposium Agenda (event hosted by CBN)

Wednesday 15 May 2013 at the Green Room, La Fontagne,
19 Dirkie Uys Street, Franschhoek
1 pm to 4.15 pm


1 pm Finger lunch provided by the Franschhoek Literary Festival.

2 pm Symposium starts. Guests welcomed by Chairman, Jay Heale,
independent children’s book enthusiast, editor of Bookchat.

2.05 Presentation by Lesley Beake concerning the activities of the Children’s Book Network (CBN)

Franschhoek Symposium talk by Niki Daly

This is the full text of the presentation prepared by Niki Daly for the 15 May 2013 Symposium. Because of time constraints, he omitted the first 5 paragraphs, marked here in square brackets.

[Most of you will know that I have been writing and illustrating books for many years – my first picture book, The Little Girl Who lived Down the Road being published in 1978 makes it 35 years.

During this time I have seen many changes in the publishing – from photo separated reproduction to digital printing, and now ebooks.

Franschhoek Symposium Minutes

OCL GROUP of Organisations connected to Children’s Literature

Minutes of Symposium taken by Jay Heale held at La Fontaine, Franschhoek on 15 May 2013 at the invitation of the Children’s Book Network

Those present: Jay Heale (Chair), Lesley Beake (Convenor), Sindiwe Magona, Nonique Mashologu, Jean Williams, Carole Bloch, Mignon Hardie, Marjorie van Heerden, Margie Cunnama, Kathy Madlener, Phakama Matoti, Niki Daly.
Observer status: Jude Daly
Apologies: none

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