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Let's talk about US!

Children's experiences are as difficult, as challenging, as heartbreaking as anything adults have to go through, but they are often silent and silenced.  Their lives also have moments of happiness, hilarity, exhilaration and excitement. Childhood can be pure fun in the good times.

Through our writing workshops we hope to empower young people to have their say and to make their voices heard. This section will include writing – from their hearts.

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14 Jun 2014
My friend gives me special feelings – like a sister. She makes me feel happy. She plans surprises like birthday parties. She is respectful of me and my family. But one day we had a fight!
12 Jun 2014
When I had a fight with my friend, I was very sad. But we made friends again. In the classroom we are good friends and then we play together outside and are happy. We talk a lot! Writing and text by...
15 Apr 2014
In workshops, we often get images form children of what they feel about stories or music - often very revealing about how they interpret what they are listening to. Here are a few examples.
8 Nov 2013
Grade Four children (9 years old) at Elizabethfontein Primary School wrote about emotions seen on faces.  Yellow Happy faces: ‘I draw my friend, and that makes me happy.’ ‘Happy is when you get gold.’
24 Oct 2013
When I am angry I go to a dark room. That room is so dark there is only one hole that the light comes through. It is quite cold and lonely. I just sit there and I hear voices talking to me. My anger...