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The Best Bear in All the World

Four new stories, one for each season of the year, written by Paul Bright, Brian Sibley, Jeanne Willis & Kate Saunders, with illustrations by Mark Burgess (Egmont 2016)
If you enjoyed the original Winnie-the-Pooh stories (now 90 years old!) here are four new ones. Meet Christopher Robin rehearsing his words for St George in his school play as autumn leaves blow; the Hundred Acre Wood is covered with snow while a notice explains that C.R. has “Gon to Boganin”; Eeyore gets sad in the spring-time but is helped by Pooh and Rabbit and all his friends and relations; and finally the Bear of Very Little Brain dreams of the Sauce of the Nile and finds a summer picnic instead. All the way through, Mark Burgess provides Pooh pictures in full colour cleverly like the first ones drawn by that wonderful E H Shepard. What a very clever writer A A Milne was all those years ago.

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, November 23, 2016