Nyambura waits for the bus

Most journeys in Africa are also made by children – though they get little recognition of this. Some charming stories of journeys do appear in books, like the read-aloud for younger children Nyambura waits for the bus, by Cath Alexander with delightful illustrations by Catherine Groenewald. The text is engaging, the story simple (Nyambura waits and waits … and waits for the bus and dreams of her Gogo and the things they do together.)

Meanwhile the people in the queue are most amusingly illustrated enduring various small mishaps until the bus arrives, the rain comes down and Nyambura saves the day by borrowing an umbrella and conducting everybody through the downpour. It is fun to read to children – and there are endless possibilities for inventing extra stories around the characters waiting … and waiting … and waiting.

This story sparks possibilities for talking about the people your children meet on a day to day basis in their daily lives at home – and drawing them.

Nyambura waits for the bus

By Cath Alexander

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