Hooray Thoko by Niki Daly

Any book by Niki Daly is going to be good. We knew that! And his series of books about little Thoko and her adventures at home and school are utterly captivating. Here is a sample.

‘Friday was always the big day of the star awards. So far, Thoko had earned a yellow star for her maths sums, a red star for her neat writing and a blue star for clean hands. Green stars were for helping Mrs McKensie carry her big bag from her car to the classroom, and gold stars were for reading. Gold stars rocked!’

But when Thoko gets a gold star on her forehead, (six books!) it disappears on the way home. Gogo takes her to retrace her steps and, on the way, Thoko has to make a decision that is kind as well as wise.

There are four easy-read stories in this book. And the good news that there are others in the series.

Hooray Thoko gives us a wonderful insight into family and community. Highly recommended.

Click here to download Activity 3 of ‘Postcards of me’. You’ll be mapping your route to school, similar to how Thoko had to retrace her steps!

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Hooray Thoko by Niki Daly

By Niki Daly

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