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Friends. Where would we be without them?

From the beginning, CBN has been rich in friends and fellowship. Whenever we have needed something - from maps to T-shirts, somebody has known somebody who has a contact who knows somebody else ... Our  Network has spread further than we could ever have dreamed, with support from Ireland, Sweden and America (so far). We need to build more local support, in the places where we work, and in South Africa. 

We need more local assistance – people who can help us with the detail, follow up on contacts, find discounts for supplies, help with catering. We have a very small, but loyal and hard-working team, but we are stretched beyond capacity. When the admin takes too much of our time, we are not able to deliver as much to the children. Its frustrating and not good time management - even though much of that admin is what we have to do for good governance and accountability.


We are in the process of forming a creative team who can be involved in the development of material and in growing new ideas.


We need practical help at workshops where the proportion of facilitators to children needs to be high.


We need help with following up discounts and donations in kind – very time consuming, but a way for the community as a whole to be involved.


We need help with the inevitable fund-raising that any NGO has to face. This can be for small amounts as well as in seeking larger sponsors. Every bit counts.

 If you are interested in helping CBN grow and achieve more for the children of the Overstrand, please contact us!

Thank you to all of you who have befriended CBN. It is appreciated. Spread the word. Subscribe to our newsletter. Use our Donate button as often as you feel like doing!


5 Sep 2017
CBN is back in action, and the beginning of official spring, and the end of our short break has been kicked-off by the most marvellous generosity from Friends of Children’s Book Network in England.
12 Nov 2014
A poster explaining Children’s Literacy Rights
30 Sep 2014
The Children's Radio Foundation ( train young reporters around Africa in radio broadcasting, opening all sorts of opportunities to them and teaching a plethora...
8 Sep 2014
Richard Parsons, Champion of Children’s Book Network and friend, died last week after a courageous struggle with cancer. CBN owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his enormous support and...
24 Jul 2013
Where would any of us be without friends? CBN is grateful that we have (possibly) the best in the world!