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We often use picture books with teenagers, short extracts from adult books with primary school children, poetry and short stories for all age groups. It's not about a recommended level stamped somewhere on the back of a book. It's about making story - making text - exciting. Readers do not need to be trapped within the confines of graded readers.

Some books will be too difficult for a given age group, but a few sentences may lift them into another dimension of beauty in writing. They can cope - not only cope, but be moved into a different sphere in their own writing and understanding of their world. Nobody can write beautifully if they have not hear, and read, beautiful writing.

We will be buying books. If a book is used in a workshop, it should remain behind after the workshop as a resource for the children who were inspired by it.

We have a network here too. Children’s book experts in Europe and America are already telling us about the best of the best in their publishing. Most important of all, we have constant contact with, and information from our own South African book network - Bookchat, which has been edited by Jay Heale, first in print form and now on the Internet, for more decades than he cares to recall. We will be plundering this resource on a regular basis and Jay will also be looking after our book recommendations and permissions to publish short extracts on our website.


30 Dec 2015
Lesley Beake and Jay Heale give some very last minute choices form their very favourite books (today). It might be different tomorrow!
16 Dec 2015
CBN was delighted to facilitate the donation of the children’s book collection of our beloved book editor, Jay Heale when it arrived at Enlighten Trust in Hermanus.
28 Oct 2015
The story of the book Fly, Eagle, Fly! presented by Jay Heale Fly, Eagle, Fly! has become the most famous picture-book story in South African children’s literature. It has a past, a present, and...
11 Dec 2014
CBN recently had a donation of books from long-standing friend, and editor at Cambridge University, Fiona McGregor. We asked Jay Heale to review the books for us!.Thank you, Fiona!
10 Nov 2014
A book about a truly important thing – the ability to read
1 Oct 2014
Although it has been online for some years now, this IBBY selection of books from Africa remains a thoughtful and interesting guide.
16 Sep 2014
Both begin with C and both are totally absorbed in the topic of books – and reading.
14 Jun 2014
First published in the ReadRight educational supplement of the Sunday Times. Commissioned and published in book form by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa in 2009
28 May 2014
This book was an unusual choice for workshops in Africa, but it is a book that is so much loved - even by people who criticise its sentimentality, that we decided to try it. The children in both...
20 May 2014
ARABELLA, THE MOON AND THE MAGIC MONGONGO NUT by Hamilton Wende (Tafelberg 2013)
26 Mar 2014
This book, written by Katherine Appelgate and published in America by Feiwel and Friends in 2007 goes to every workshop with me – and never fails to make an impression, whether to elders in a writing...
31 Oct 2013
Ten books with HOME as a major theme Jay Heale's list of ten books that fit with CBN's first theme - Home. [Brackets indicate language availability]