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What is a workshop? Our focus is always books, books and more books, but we work towards that end in different ways. Our original concept, which we still maintain, is that children need to see books and stories as fun and worthwhile objectives instead of educational chores. We aim to bring a multi-cultural experience using everything from shadow puppets to iPads. Children come to us in their free time (weekends and holidays). It sould not be a school-type experience, but fun, loads of fun. And, by the way, a love of reading will develop.

What is a toolbox? This is a portable workshop kit that can be used in different ways. It contains carefully chosen books, specially written stories and extracts from longer books all based on a theme. These are backed up by a handbook for the facilitator. Using these, a workshop plan can be worked out for anything between a three-day workshop and ten mini-workshops. An optional extra bag includes games and art materials and books for silent reading.


2 Mar 2015
CBN was fortunate to get sponsorship from Pick n Pay for a small workshop in Red Hill in February. It was held on Saturday 28th at Simon’s Town Library.
11 Dec 2014
Last week, teenagers from Red Hill informal settlement met Joey, a horse, on the stage of the Artscape Theatre. Nothing could have prepared them, or us, for the impact.
27 Nov 2014
This is the week that 10 Red Hill children travel to Cape Town for first a workshop, and then a performance of War Horse. CBN kicks off the week with a short workshop at 4.00 (after school) at Red...
4 Nov 2014
Review from What's On in Cape Town by Samantha Orange
27 Oct 2014
How to make workshops happen The intention to hold a workshop, and the idea of a location grows quite quickly into a real event with real people taking part in it - it will take six weeks at least to...
6 Oct 2014
Saturday 4th October was a busy day in Clanwilliam, with the last of the walking groups visiting town ‘before the summer begins’ (wrong, it began on Saturday) and a triathlon being run in the...
26 Sep 2014
Since the rather intriguing looking rock gongs have been installed just inside the gate of Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project, they have attracted a lot of attention – and made a lot of music....
26 Sep 2014
Pre-school visit to CBN & CLLP
15 Aug 2014
For whatever reason it seemed difficult to engage the children in writing their own story/poem/ideas. They always responded more to the activity of writing a collective song...usually a daunting task...
23 Jul 2014
On 16 and 17 July children from Red Hill informal settlement attended a CBN workshop at Simon’s Town Library. Seventeen children attended on both days, with some changes in the group after day one,...
14 Jul 2014
Venue: Simon’s Town Library (on main road, opposite police station and after the shops stop. It is up a steep driveway on your right and there is plenty of parking at the top) Theme: Books and music...
7 Jul 2014
Rock Gong Workshop in Clanwilliam Twenty-five children from three schools in the Cederberg took part in a four-day workshop at Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project (CLLP) between 30 June and 3 July....
30 Jun 2014
Our first day at Clanwilliam. We had a beautiful successful day with the children.
14 Jun 2014
On Saturday 14th June children in Clanwilliam remembered the children and young people who were part of the freedom struggle in South Africa, particularly those involved in the Soweto uprising that...
2 Jun 2014
On Saturday 31 May, Clanwilliam children took to the sun on a very cold day to read and enjoy (and review) stories about music. The books were supplied by Cambridge University Press and are part of...
28 May 2014
During April and May 2014, we focused on an out-of-Africa story. We wanted to focus on imagination and how books can take readers anywhere in the world of ideas. We abridged the book to make the...
24 May 2014
Almost every book and text we have worked with in the last two years has been African. This time we decided to show the participants how books can help them fly – like the Snow Goose in Paul Gallico’...
23 May 2014
Looking forward to our snow goose workshop that will be held at Simon's Town Library on Friday the 23rd of May, we will have Anele Mhlahlo with his musical talent, Croc E teaching children how to...
14 Apr 2014
We continued the theme of last week’s workshops this morning by, first of all, looking at the patterns of stories in the same way that we had listened for patterns in music. This time we made the...
7 Apr 2014
On the last day of the school autumn break, CBN held a workshop at Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project. We were focusing on the art of listening – both to words and to music. Anele Mhlahlo brought...
2 Apr 2014
Today, 2 April, is World children’s Book Day and to celebrate, here is some news of a highly successful library outreach project .
3 Mar 2014
On 3rd March CBN held a workshop with Swedish student in Simon's Town, the workshop was very exciting we were like brothers and sisters, we communicated very well with each other.
2 Mar 2014
On Friday 21 February and Saturday 22 February, CBN held a two-day workshop on family histories, facilitated by Professor John Parkington.
3 Feb 2014
The full report for 2013 is now available as a PDF for anyone who needs all the ins and outs (and the ups and downs!) To read it, please click on:
11 Nov 2013
After the recent two-day workshop in Clanwilliam, so many children asked for more, that CBN has initiated a Stories on Saturdays project.
8 Nov 2013
End of the year exams begin on Monday. Today was the last day suitable to visit the Grade Four class, as promised. At ten o’clock CBN pulled up under a tree. Grade Four were ready. This is a reading...
25 Oct 2013
The first in a series of ten workshops planned for the Cederberg area got off to an amazing start with great support from the community and, most of all, the children!
27 Jun 2013
One year on … A year ago, nobody would have believed how much would happen. But we dreamed and the dreams came true. Here is a short outline of what has been achieved. From June 2012 to June 2013....
20 May 2013
Under towering clouds and a sky of Cederberg blue, members of University of Cape Town Choir and children of Clanwilliam joined hands in story.
20 Mar 2013
Annual Report for 2012 – The short version There is no way to sum up everything we did in a short version. But the 2012 report is almost a book – find it under Resources and enjoy the pictures – it...
20 Nov 2012
On the 16th and 17th of November, 2012 CBN held a workshop with members of the choir of the University of Cape Town and children in Clanwilliam. This led directly to the suggestion that CBN could...
1 Nov 2012
During the first two weeks of October CBN hosted five Swedish visitors, four librarians and a drama teacher, working with them and learning from them in different venues where children’s books are...
20 Aug 2012
During a wet week in late May 2012 and early June, we invited twenty high school children to a writing and story workshop at Red Hill informal settlement near Simon’s Town in the Western Cape....
29 Jul 2012
CBN proudly hosted its very first workshop in October, 2012. Red Hill is an informal settlement that lies in the mountains behind Simon’s Town. Around 2000 young residents live in the area that is...
1 Jun 2012
How it all began - and how fast it sprinted off!