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Week 1: 'Postcards of me'

Each day this week, we have posted a book review paired with an activity on the theme 'Postcards of me'. These daily activities guide children to write to their imaginary (or real, perhaps in some cases?) pen friend.

Read the book reviews here, and then download the 'Postcards of me' activity. And have fun helping your children through this activity.

- My forever friend - paired with activity 1:
- Hooray Thoko - paired with activity 2:
- How many ways can you say hello - paired with activity 3:
- Nyambura waits for the bus - paired with activity 4:
- Kubi the star - paired with activity 5:

We have also been posting daily free stories to download and share with your children here:

Any comments, suggestions or children's work you'd like to share, can be sent to Lisa at