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How many ways can you say Hello?

How many ways can you say Hello?

Sara starts school, and on her first day discovers that the other children speak different languages.

‘What language speaks she?
And he?
And he?
What language speaks he?’

Later in the day, she talks the teacher, Mrs Hubble.

Mrs Hubble, Mrs Hubble!
I’m having some trouble!
All around me I hear
Languages I don’t understand.
How will I make any new friends as planned?

Wise Mrs Hubble suggests that they all learn ways to say hello to each other. In an adventure with a hot-air balloon, Sara meets children from all over South Africa. (With our 11 official languages, there is plenty of scope!)

When the children Sara has met all get back to the school in the hot air balloon, Sara runs to Mrs Hubble.

Mrs Hubble, Mrs Hubble!
I no longer have trouble!
I travelled the country and made friends on the way.
Just wait ‘til you hear, what they have to say!

Although this book is aimed at younger children, it is suitable for introducing the concept of different cultures and different languages – and there is a CD tucked into the back of the book to help!

Publish Date: 
Thursday, April 6, 2017