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Book Choices

Jay Heale's selection of six top choice children's books from South African children's literature (in English) in a number of age ranges and topics.

Books known to be out of print have been omitted.

NB. If you would like to get copies of any of the books you have the following options available:

  • If you are fortunate enough to have a bookshop nearby you can ask them to order copies.
  • You can order them directly from the publisher through their websites.
  • You can picket outside Parliament for SA children’s books to receive some acknowledgement and support!

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Recent African Books (2014)

by Dianne Hofmeyr
by Fiona Moodie
by Reviva Schermbrucker
by Veronica Lamond
by Emily Child
by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Young Adult Stories

by Peter Slingsby
by S A Partridge
by Kagiso Lesego Molepe
by Jenny Robson
by Edyth Bulbring
by Lesley Beake

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Young Teenage Stories

by Jay Heale
by Carolyn Morton
by Robin Malan
by Ros Haden
by Various Authors
by Hamilton Wende

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Collections of Stories

by Dianne Stewart
by Various Authors
by Gçina Mhlophe
by Linda Rode
by Dianne Stewart
by Beverley Naidoo

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Upper Primary Stories

by Lesley Beake
by Jill Morsbach
by Dianne Hofmeyr
by Hamilton Wende
by Alex D'Angelo
by Lesley Beake

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Middle Primary Stories

by Elizabeth Wasserman
by MJ Honikman
by Jenny Robson
by Mike Kantey
by Christopher Gregorowski

Jay Heale's Six of the Best for Early Solo Reading

by Dianne Stewart
by Paul Benjamin
by Jeremy Daniel
by Sarah Oosthuizen
by Graham Isaacs

Jay Heale's Six of the Best Junior Animal Stories

by Claerwen Howie
by Louise van der Merwe
by Lulu & Tee
by Robert Griffiths
by Charles de Villiers
by Daphne Mackie

Jay Heale's Six of the best read aloud picture books

by Pat Thomson