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26 May 2017
Numbers are not the most important thing when it comes to books and reading, but it is interesting to note that BWYR last week reached between 7 000 and 8 000 young readers and potential readers from...
3 Apr 2017
CBN was there! Lesley Beake visited Good Hope Seminary Junior in Cape Town and shared books with a marathon number of children (well, she did offer!).
7 Feb 2017
Franschhoek 15 to 18 May 2017: Encouraging a culture of reading in the Franschhoek valley and raising funds for a new community library and local school libraries were important reasons for...
19 Dec 2016
Read at your own risk! Here are some of the most delightful books we won’t have seen in SA (unless I am very much mistaken) but books to make the heart of a child – and an adult – sing.
6 Dec 2016
The Stanford creative works initiative is a community based project that offers after school creative workshops as well as school based skills development groups and a school readiness program for...
1 Nov 2016
A library is ... maybe the best place in the world to be locked in by mistake! Here are some other ideas by poet Nikki Giovanni
18 Mar 2016
What a pleasure to visit a beautiful library in Grassy Park, full of books and interest and, above all, READERS!
8 Feb 2016
At a recent panel discussion, Genevieve Hart, chair of IBBY SA described books for children as being: ‘Windows to look out at the world, and also windows to look back in.’
12 Jan 2016
IBBY is the International Board of Books for Young People, representing national organizations working with children and books all over the world. Here is an extract from their new year's message.
2 Nov 2015
CBN is about books, but we also hope that the children we work with are inspired to dream their own dreams and set their sights high. Many of our facilitators are, in their own lives, examples of...
2 Nov 2015
Nearly four years ago, Children’s Book Network gave a workshop at Red Hill informal settlement above Simon’s Town. This was at the instigation of a group of Swedish librarians – and a drama teacher...
28 Oct 2015
This is the song of welcome sung by Red Hill children at the triumphant arrival of Johan Wiklund after his epic flight from northern Scandinavia. The words are by Lesley Beake and the song was...
26 Oct 2015
Three years ago, in a CBN workshop given at Red Hill informal settlement, Michael Buwa wrote about his dream. His dream was to fly. Yesterday that dream came true.
12 Oct 2015
CBN first heard about the Cape to Cape project when one of our Rotarian friends, Leif Sundqvist, visited us from Skellefteä. He described an adventure that our children would love to be part of – and...
29 May 2015
Today a very important and (for once one can accurately say), unique collection of books moved home.
27 Oct 2014
How to make workshops happen The intention to hold a workshop, and the idea of a location grows quite quickly into a real event with real people taking part in it - it will take six weeks at least to...
6 Oct 2014
Saturday 4th October was a busy day in Clanwilliam, with the last of the walking groups visiting town ‘before the summer begins’ (wrong, it began on Saturday) and a triathlon being run in the...
27 Sep 2014
The Saturday Stories children have discussed and approved a new – very extensive – project that has already begun but which will get under full steam in October, November and during 2015.
21 Aug 2014
As part of the rock gong project, we began the idea of clapping patterns in music with games that included clapping in different ways and with various actions. Clanwilliam children took to this with...
20 Aug 2014
Children’s Book Network (CBN) has been working on a project with UCT Department of Archaeology, Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project and others to create music using rock gongs (ringing rocks) from...
15 Aug 2014
For whatever reason it seemed difficult to engage the children in writing their own story/poem/ideas. They always responded more to the activity of writing a collective song...usually a daunting task...
Telling stories in the newly made puppets!
9 Aug 2014
The shadow puppet activity (initially suggested by Sandy Rudd, theatre director in Namibia) has proved wildly successful.
2 Jun 2014
Jay Heale celebrates the unsung heroines in the background of two very, very good picture books.
28 May 2014
During April and May 2014, we focused on an out-of-Africa story. We wanted to focus on imagination and how books can take readers anywhere in the world of ideas. We abridged the book to make the...
27 May 2014
Since Anele Mhlahlo joined us in February, we have been enriching our workshops and activities with live music and adding a layer to the process of listening.
26 Mar 2014
What is exactly happening with reading in the digital age? And how can we keep up?
25 Mar 2014
During our first two years, we continued to explore the theme of Home – and this will never be all that far from our workshop ideas. But we have expanded into other trains of thought with the...
1 Nov 2013
Jay Heale reflects on changing methods of getting it all down on paper.
1 Nov 2013
Books of Africa - Jay Heale writes on some statistics from America, and thoughtfully examines some from his own experience in South Africa. Two sets of statistics have emerged from the United States...
16 Sep 2013
Cederberg Stories: Workshop for Clanwilliam: Clanwilliam Heritage workshop, Home, Landscape and Me – 23rd and 24th September 2013 – Heritage Day and beyond.
9 Sep 2013
Thirty children from Grades 4,5 and 6 ( from 10-12 years old) started their own book revolution for National Literacy Day today. Stories were shared, books were introduced and presents handed out.
26 Aug 2013
5 September Library and school visits: Natalie Leens and Lesley Beake to introduce project to teachers and principals. 8 September (a Sunday) Literacy Day
23 Aug 2013
This article on homework and reading appeared first in the Cape Times – but is as relevant here as part of our occasional series on reading matters.
21 Aug 2013
For some time now, CBN has been in deep discussion with Rotary Skelleftea in northern Sweden about ways in which they can help us to ‘Make Reading Cool’ - their suggested name for the joint project.
20 Aug 2013
When I was a child, in the ancient times, my Scottish primary school was probably one of the last schools to give up the idea of slates and slate pencils as a way to learn to write. We had little...
21 Jun 2013
ALL activities will include local talent and bring forward skills already existing in the community. WRITING Individual journals and stories Themes: Home and Landscape
15 Jun 2013
This article sees the launch of Considered Words,  an occasional series of articles by those concerned with children's books and reading.
1 Jun 2013
Three hours out of Cape Town the road north climbs a steep pass and emerges into a dramatic landscape of mountain, river, crag and cliff. Some of the most beautiful and evocative landscape of...
25 Feb 2013
Books to Sweden – Books out of Africa There are many children living in Sweden who come originally from Africa – and many Swedish children who would like to experience stories from Africa.
14 Dec 2012
Visit to Luthando Crèche in Stellenbosch When five visitors from Sweden came to work with CBN, they valiantly got down to work with children between ten and twelve years-old, but their hearts called...